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About us

About us

In compliance with the aim of ensuring maximum contribution to the national economy in the general energy policy of our country and carrying out its activities according to efficiency and profitability principles TEMSAN Electromechanical Industry Inc  was established  with the decree of the Council of Ministers numbered 7/10907 in 1975 and began its activities by organizing in 1977 

With the establishment of the General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSI) in 1954, the installation of hydroelectric power plants started and the need for a specialized institution was  arisen for the construction, supply of equipment and installation services of these plants  which increased in time. TEMSAN  providing service to Public Institutions for many years added the private sector to its customer portfolio after the publication of the legislation on privatization of water  rights in 2001.

Domestic manufacturing incentive for energy purchases  within the scope of  YEKDEM started to be applied in 2013 and TEMSAN was also  the only company to provide  investors to benefit from domestic equipment incentives at the highest rate again as well as at first. TEMSAN which  commissioned  Turkey's largest FSRU terminal in 2017   carried out a lot of turnkey projects including 177 HEPP projects of which  117 units are  new and 60 units are  rehabilitation, 57 substations of which  21 is new and 36 is extension, a lot of TEPP projects  many of which  are  rehabilitation. TEMSAN has continued to provide service.

To develop and maintain a modern energy equipment industry  and provide sustainability , TEMSAN 

implements the decisions of the Board of Directors, conducts all kinds of commercial activities for the needs of the power plants in particular to carry out the feasibility study of the power plants, to design them and to provide manufacturing and supply of the needed equipment, establishes these plants, provides consultancy and supervision services, performs tests, commissions, performs all kinds of maintenance, repair and rehabilitation works,

undertakes all kinds of goods, services, consultancy and construction work for power generation, transmission, storage and distribution plants and industrial plants in energy sector, carry outs testing, R&D, and M&D activities for equipment and  systems used in these plants

performs project approval and acceptance procedures on behalf of the Ministry for the licensed and/or unlicensed power generation plants depending on the power output and type determined by the Ministry establishes accredited testing laboratories and provides  laboratory services needed in energy sector

prepares reports and conformity certificates for tested and manufactured products and provides consultancy, counsellind, supervision, reporting, testing and similar services to  Public Institutions and Organizations and private sector on this point carries out the duties assigned by the laws, regulations,by-laws and other forms of regulation within the scope of its activities and to perform the activities deemed appropriate in relation to these duties and to perform the duties assigned by the Ministry.


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