Right to Information Act No 4982 regarding the basis and procedures about the use of the right to information was enacted on 24.04.2004.

The object of this law is to regulate the procedure and the basis of the right to information according to the principles of equality, impartiality and openness that are the necessities of a democratic and transparent government. According to the act our citizens can obtain information related to activities of  all public institutions and organizations and  professional organisations with public institution status

Any application to be made to our company should be completed by filling in the form stated below.Incomplete or inappropriate applications will not be accepted.

For applications that can be made by mail or in person;

General Directorate of TEMSAN  Press Office 

Çamlıca Mahallesi 145. Cadde No:16 

Yenimahalle / ANKARA / TURKEY

The applications for Information should be related to the information or documents that the institutions and organizations applied have or  which should exist as part of their duties.

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For applications to be made by e-mail:



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