Temsan Academy
Temsan Academy

Temsan Academy

Our country develops new policies every day in order to encourage innovation, strengthen competitiveness and accelerate economic growth.These policies implemented to achieve the desired goals  focus on strengthening the exchange of information between education and industry and building new relationships.

In a knowledge-based economy, the relationship between education and industry is a key element of innovation and economic development and this objective has important tasks such as facilitating and improving the cooperation of  public institutions.Thanks to the various mechanisms established for the transfer of knowledge in our era, it becomes easier to reach new ideas and approaches developed for difficult and complex problems and using this knowledge pool is an obligation for entrepreneurs.

Educational and research institutions have the opportunity to turn research results into practice and discover new research areas thanks to their cooperation with industry.The collaborations for the production of scientific and technological information and training for qualified personnel development also facilitate the transfer of technology and commercialization of the produced information  thanks to especially basic research and applied research.

As a result, it is vital that these two sectors cooperate with each other  when it is considered that the main source of scientific development is education and main  actor of new technologies and economic development is industry.

Our company,TEMSAN, desires to cooperate with dear valued educational institutions in order to develop competitive and value-added products and therefore has formed this social network.


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